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Rig Expense Tracker Costs & Ordering

Licensing is explained on the Licensing page. Download your full version of Rig Expense Tracker on the Downloads page.

TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT. This software includes a free 30-day, limited trial. ONCE YOU PURCHASE THIS SOFTWARE, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Credit Card Orders

All costs listed are in US Dollars. If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do that from within the software itself, from a Square Shopping Cart, from PayPal, or you may simply call Support.

Order via Square Shopping Cart

Click here to order Rig Expense Tracker with your credit card via the Square Shopping Cart. Renewals may be purchased there as well.

PayPal Orders

Use the grid below to purchase by PayPal. There is a corresponding "Buy Now" button for each type of license.

Your registration will be made under the name and email address that is registered with PayPal. If your Rig Expense Tracker license needs to be under a different name or email address, then please call Support at 800-827-3164 after the PayPal transaction goes through.

OOIDA Members Discount

If you are an active OOIDA member, then you are entitled to a 30% discount off of the initial licensing of any version of Rig Expense Tracker. You MUST send your OOIDA membership number to Rig Expense Tracker support in order to receive the discount. Click here send an email to Support telling them you OOIDA membership number. Please also include your name in the email. You may also call Support with this information. Registrations will be verified with OOIDA before orders are processed.

Discounted registrations received that have missing, inactive, or invalid OOIDA membership numbers will not be processed and any payments received will be refunded.

If paying by PayPal, make sure you click on the "Buy Now" button in the OOIDA column to get your discount.

Costs Grid

Don't be fooled by the low prices!! This is premium software that is priced to be LOWER than the competition and affordable by YOU! (What other software company allows you to speak directly with the developer?!)

Your first year of maintenance is included in the license fee.

# of Trucks License Annual Maintenance /
Renewal Fee
License with OOIDA Discount
1 Truck


5 Trucks


10 Trucks


50 Trucks


100 Trucks


Unlimited Trucks



Cloud Based Mode Information

Rig Expense Tracker data may be shared over the Internet with other PCs authorized by you. There is an added cost for doing this of $24.00 per year for two PCs, and $12.00 per year for each additional PC. Costs are prorated to match your existing software registration date.

Cloud based mode requires a good Internet connection. Since your data is constantly downloading and uploading from its storage location on the Internet to your PC, cloud based mode is slower than the true standlone mode ("Local PC"). If you have a slow or intermittent Internet connection, then cloud based mode is not recommended.

To get started with cloud based mode, or to ask any questions regarding cloud based mode, please contact Support.


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